[Video] Fantasia Gets Carl Thomas Emotional At Concert + Rumors Surrounding Antwaun Cook

There’s a nasty little rumor floating around that the father of Fantasia’s baby, Antwaun Cook, has moved on and is now persuing a relationship with a reality star named Kendra James. If Kendra sounds familiar, it’s because she was on Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club.

Compliments of the YBF, we’ve ID’ed a photo of Kendra and Antwaun. It could be innocent or could be something there–who knows! Meanwhile, over the weekend, Fantasia Barrino had a very emotional public moment. While performing at the Truth Is concert, she broke down in tears in front of fans (hence the photo at the top). The 28-year-old singer explained that she had been going through many obstacles (perhaps she was referencing the current rumor mill) in her life, but had emerged stronger with the help of God. Anywho, we wish ‘Tasia the best! Here’s footage of her show:

[youtube width=”590″ height=”415″]http://youtu.be/mvo2HjYKYA8[/youtube]