Hilarious ‘Internet Granny’ Grandma Scrivens Has Died, Her Granddaughter Shares: ‘Thank You For Every Hug & Every Laugh’ [CONDOLENCES]

Hilarious ‘Internet Granny’ Grandma Scrivens Has Died, Her Granddaughter Shares: ‘Thank You For Every Hug & Every Laugh’ [CONDOLENCES]

Social media and the family of viral sensation Grandma Scrivens are mourning her death.

Grandma Scrivens’ granddaughter Dedraa announced via Instagram Monday night (March 5) that she has died, sharing the news with a touching video of her and her grandmother around the holidays. She was reportedly 76. Dedraa wrote a touching open letter to Grandma Scrivens in the caption.

She began,

“Dear Granny, As I sit down to write this message, my heart is filled with gratitude for all the moments we’ve shared. Your wisdom has guided me, your stories have enriched my life, and your love has been a constant source of comfort.”

Dedraa continued,

“Thank you for every hug & every laugh. You were loved by many, touching the lives of all those around you with your kindness and warmth.”

She ended with a final message for Grandma Scrivens and wrote,

“Please know that you will forever be in my thoughts and my heart. Until we meet again ? I love you forever and always ? With all my love, Dedraa”


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In the comment section, fans expressed condolences and their shock over the beloved loss.

One wrote,

“Omg whoa this just hit a nerve. I feel like I lost apart of my family. Sending condolences and love to your family. She has made my family laugh a bunch. ??”

Another added,

“My internet granny. ???? Sending so much love to your family!”

One fan thanked Dedraa and commented,

“? girl, you and grandma are the reason i started the rating videos with my parents! she brought such joy to us all. thank you for sharing her with us. *big hug* sending you love & light ?”

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Dedraa also thanked fans for their kind words and commented,

“Thank you guys. Granny loved each and every one of you!! I’m so happy I got to share her with you guys ?”

Grandma Scrivens was known for teaming up with Dedraa to share hilarious commentary and celebrity ratings to their 16 million followers on TikTok, including Grandma Scrivens’ candid thoughts on Donald Trump, Bill Cosby, and the BMF cast.


Happy Mother’s Day to my grandma ?? Had to put some of my favorite clips together ??? #fyp #foryoupage #viral #funny #xcyzba #quarantine

? original sound – ?Odedra Scrivens?

Grandma Scrivens herself touted over 36,000 followers on Instagram.


Happy New Year you guys ??? #fyp #newyear bmf

? original sound – ?Odedra Scrivens?

Sending thoughts and prayers to Grandma Scrivens’ family and loved ones!

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