Kim Burrell Dishes on Bobbi Kristina’s Reality Show + Hints At What BK’s New Focus Is

A few months ago, we shared rumors that Bobbi Kristina had decided to do reality TV. We later confirmed that the reality show would not only feature Bobbi Kristina, but also her grandmother and other members of the Houston family. Recently, we caught up with gospel-recording artist, Pastor Kim Burrell. Burrell was close friends with Whitney Houston (she performed at her funeral) and remains close to Bobbi Kristina. We chatted with her about her upcoming projects and the details on the Houston’s reality show.

On the current projects she’s working on:

“I’m finishing a commemorative project in honor of Whitney Houston, I’m working on a TV show with Lifetime with her family, and I’m working on my own show with BET. We’re doing the commemorative with CNN so we’re saying by September.”

On what people can expect with the Houston’s upcoming reality show:

“The show with Whitney’s family is called ‘The Houston Family Chronicles’ and we’ve been taping and it’ll come out in either December or March of 2013. It’s gonna be Bobbi Kristina, Pat, Whitney’s brother Gary, Whitney’s mother Cissy and myself. You can expect information about what Whitney was and what she wanted to do before she left.”

On how Bobbi Kristina’s doing:

Bobbi is doing really good, she’s fighting, and I’m glad to say she’s starting to pay attention to her own career.

Will you tune in and watch  ‘The Houston Family Chronicles’?