LHHA’s Erica Dixon Dishes On Momma Dee Being Bi-Polar, Why She Believes Memphitz Abused K.Michelle & Confirms Her & Scrappy Are Over

Let’s face it. Some of us love to hate VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta. Week after week, viewers tune in to watch what’s going to happen next. And with last week’s drama (i.e. the parking lot brawl), we figured it was a perfect time to interview cast-mate Erica Dixon. Erica, who is the mother of Lil Scrappy’s daughter, spoke quite candidly about her relationship with Scrappy and confirms that the two have broken up. She also had a lot to say about Scrappy’s “best friend” Shay, who is a former reality star (she refers to her as ‘ratchet’ and mentions that she had a sex tape at one point…I had no idea, yikes!), cast-mate Momma Dee (she alleges that she is bipolar, is on medication and suffers from mental illness), and why she believes K. Michelle is telling the truth about being abused by Memphitz. Peep a few excerpts from the interview below.
On why she decided to join LHHA and what she did professionally, before the show:
“I decided to join LHHA just to do something different. I’ve always wanted to act and model so I said to myself this might be a green light. Before the show I worked as a bill encoder at a doctor’s office.”
On why she rejected Scrappy’s previous proposal:

“I don’t regret at all not accepting his proposal because Scrappy is very immature and he has a lot of growing to do. And it was bad timing. Yes, I wanted that eventually but he wasn’t mature enough at the moment so no regrets.”

On what her relationship is like with Scrappy’s mother, cast-mate Momma Dee:
“I love her, I just don’t like anything about her. She’s a great grandmother to Imani when she’s on her medication. She really is on medication for like schizophrenia, suicidal attempts, bipolar… It’s a couple of things.”
On how she found out that Scrappy was cheating on her, with rapper Diamond:
“We were on and off when I found out about Diamond. You know how you break up but you kinda know you’re gonna get back together. And Scrappy does that all the time, he’ll go do something, he’ll step out and mess with another female and then try to come back and say he wants to get me back. I’m like you can’t keep doing that. But I called him because I heard some rumors about him messing with the lil’ girl from Crime Mob. And these are the same kids that he used to ask me about giving them advice on their music career. He said it was a lie but the next thing I know I’m seeing pictures on the Internet, people are calling me like ‘look look look’. So basically karma just came back around on him, like this is how you did me and thats how she did you.”
On how she feels about Scrappy’s friendship/relationship with Shay:
“I didn’t have any idea that type of relationship was going on. Hell to this day it’s not real to me. It’s all about image, Scrappy is all about making himself look a certain kind of way. Ultimately, I think she was the one getting hurt because she felt it was something more, but I know Scrappy and I know how he does things for show. I giggle when I saw that scene because it was funny. Even when she asked him would he have her back like he has mine, she shouldn’t have to question that. And I’m watching it saying to myself here he has yet to even tell Erica that he didn’t want to be with me, but here he is telling this girl that he’s not with Me. Are you serious? He’s all over the place. Do you wanna be with me or her, make up your mind.”
On if she and Scrappy are in a relationship:
“We’re cool. We’re great parents to Imani, but we are not together.”
On her thoughts about Joseline allegedly being a man:
“I think it’s a man. Until I see a baby come out that cooch I think it’s a man. It’s just too masculine, she has very strong masculine features. I did hear she got into a fight at the club.”
On the fight that happened on the last episode, involving her, Joseline, Stevie J and Scrappy:
“I never heard of Joseline before the show. She got all riled up thinking I slept with Stevie J, which to this day I don’t even know who he is. We were arguing and there was tension back and forth and she hit me. She got that one good lick in and we were fighting and the next thing I know I was slammed to the ground by four security guards and they were holding me down. I look over and I see Scrappy and Stevie into it and Joseline was hitting Scrappy in the back of his head. So I’m pissed, I’m like let me loose. Then a couple of them went over to break them up so they slammed Scrappy to the ground and that’s basically what you see them break up the fight and me just pissed and blown.”
On if she (Erica) thinks that she’s responsible for the fight:
“I don’t think I was responsible about anything that went on because I told Scrappy what happened and told him that I deserved an apology. I never said go fight this dude and Scrappy said ‘I’m on probation, I’m gonna do this the right way’. I didn’t know it was gonna go from Stevie apologizing to him saying ‘well what if I called you’re bitch a bitch’ and it escalating from there. When Scrappy made that comment, Joseline interjected, had she just stayed on the sideline, she didn’t have nothing to do with it. She didn’t even know what happened, so you’re walking into a situation not even knowing what’s going on. I say it’s her fault because she swung first and she was the one to really crank it. She caught me somewhere in my face.”
On who won the fight:
“If they won the fight then why did they go to the hospital that night? Me and Scrappy didn’t have to go to the emergency room. We were fine, even with me losing it I looked fine. My hair still looked good. It didn’t look like somebody just whipped my ass, I was good.”
On her cast-mate, K. Michelle’s allegations, that her ex-boyfriend, Memphitz, was abusive to her:
“I’m closest to K. Michelle And Rasheeda. Rasheeda is the realist, she always keeps it real and I know I can talk to her. We are developing a close friendship. K is very sweet and understanding, that’s my girl. As far as the Memphitz situation, I believe K. I know she’s had that situation but she never said a name to me. The way I heard about the name is when I heard him speaking out about it. I can’t say what the truth is but I believe K. Why would you speak out about it if you didn’t do it?”
Listen to the full interview below.
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