Terrence J Talks New Role in ‘Sparkle’, Life After BET & Industry Love

Terrence J has recently skyrocketed from an everyday host on BET’s “106 & Park” to being on the silver screen. The young star just had a leading role in the very successful film, “Think Like A Man”, and has also been romantically linked to the gorgeous, Selita Ebanks. It’s no wonder that when asked, he described himself as “very happy”. Everything Girls Love’s sat down with Terrence to discuss his career and life after BET. Peep the excerpts.

On if he’s always wanted to be an actor:

“You know, I’ve always loved entertainment. But, I never knew where my place would be. I can’t rap and I can’t sing, so I never knew where I could fit. Acting has always been something I wanted to do. But, it just seemed so far and out of reach. I never even thought that I could do it, because it was so big. So, every single day now I’m just able to live my dreams. Like, I’m really a happy person and enjoying myself.”

On if the film industry welcomed him with open arms:

“I don’t think I’ve been embraced with open arms in anything I’ve ever done in my life. You know, it’s especially hard when you’re a host trying to make the transition because people see you every single day and they just associate you with one thing and don’t want to consider your other talents or yur other aspirations. It was especially hard. Like, I might have gone out on a hundred auditions. The people that are successful in this industry are those that have thick skin and those that are extremely persistent and don’t get offended when they’re told no. It doesn’t faze me one bit… I just keep going.”

On if he has any upcoming movie roles:

“I have a small role in “Sparkle”, which comes out this August. It was exciting being on set. I got to meet Whitney Houston! You know, that was devastating when we lost her. I’ve always been a fan of hers, so at least I got to meet her; which was always a goal. But, “Sparkle” comes out next and I have another film called “Battle of the Year”, starring Laz Alonso, Chris Brown, and Josh Holloway from “Lost”. It’s the first 3D b-boying dance movie and we shot it in France. So, it’s a big 3D budget and I think people are gonna love it. That movie is gonna be a lot of fun.”

On what his type of woman is:

“I like a complete woman who’s confident and knows who she is. One of the things I hate is when people say ‘you complete me’. Like, I know it’s a great line. But, I feel like in order for a relationship to work it needs to be two complete people that know who they are and that brings things to the table in order for it to work. You look at powerful couples like Will and Jada, Michelle and Barack, and Jay-Z and Beyonce. These are complete solid people in their own right and when they got together it’s something even bigger.”


Patrice M.