[Video] Is The Dream REALLY Engaged? Meet His New Fiance

Looks like The Dream (real name Terius Youngdell Nash) is officially off the market again. Over the weekend, The Dream did an interview backstage at the Z1079 Summer Jam in Cleveland. In addition to discussing all of his musical projects, The Dream spilled the beans on his personal love life. According to their source, he confirmed that he was engaged to the woman that you see above and who is backstage, during his show (which you can see during the video).

If true, this would be The Dream’s third marriage, as he was married to singer Nivea and Christina Milian. And if you’re wondering if The Dream and Christina are still twitter beefing, it appears that they are not any longer. He recently wrote:

Can’t control what Christina Does all I can say is I wish her well and pray that in time we will heal.Because this helps no one. Love Always…The truth is… Is all things need Time. I have no strife with Christina for I know this life is To Long someXs you fght those u love most

Good for them! P.S. I’m a bit skeptical (about this new engagement), especially since he didn’t say it on camera, but that does happen some times. Anywho, congrats to the happy couple, if it’s true. [Source]