Bobbi Kristina & Boyfriend Nick Gordon Return to Twitter, Sharing Their Love For Each Other, Fans & Whitney Houston

Since her mother’s death, Bobbi Kristina has remained pretty quiet on social media sites like Twitter. And when the public began speculating about her romantic relationship with her God brother, Nick Gordon, the two quietly removed themselves even more from social media chatter. In their twitter absence, we’d see photos of the two filming Bobbi Kristina’s reality show and reports of Bobbi’s new acting gig. This week, both love-birds returned to twitter, expressing their gratitude to their fans and supporters. BK wrote:

I & @ndgordon just want2say thank you thank you thank you oh so much4your supportloveNcondolences. Her legacy continues with ME.!#NBL2All!! all lovers;supporters;defenders;all around #BESTDAMNFANBASE in theWORLD! @ndgordon & I jus wana say WELOVEUALLSOMUCH! ThankU4urblessings!

She continued:

@nickdgordon I loveyoumore my darling. So much is an understatement.. Man, baby what we wouldn’t give for just a second right? WELOVEUMOM! You guys are fo seriously thee bessstest!!! :) @ndgordon they always know how to put a smile on our faces somehow (;#MUCHMUCHMUCHLOVE2ALL!! With my baby @ndgordon ! And Mr @iMaximus_L#whatchuknow bout da team? (: #ONELove She lives… She lives through me. – I love you mom {<3}

Click here, to peep BK’s acting debut.