Kanye West Confirms That Kim Kardashian Is His ‘Perfect B*tch’

Over the weekend, we learned that Kanye West shared a new song, to be featured on his upcoming album, called “My Perfect B*tch”, referring to his relationship with Kim Kardashian. According to NYPost source, Kanye, actor Leonardo DiCaprio and Maxwell were all at a club partying together in VIP.

At one point, Yeezy took over the deejay booth and for 45 minutes debuted a number of new songs, one including “My Perfect B*tch.” A source at the club shared:

“[He raps] verses about his search for the perfect woman and how he has now found the ‘perfect bitch”

Fast forward to the present day and fans, music critics and media have been speculating if there was any truth to this alleged song about his girlfriend, Kim. Tuesday afternoon, Yeezy cleared the air, tweeted:

Now that he’s cleared the air. What do you think about Ye’s choice of title? Artistic term of endearment or offensive? Ladies, how do you feel about your man affectionately referring to you as ‘b*tch’?