Gayle King Calls Gabby Douglas Critics ‘Haters’, Says She Switching From Frosted Flakes

As of late, 16-year old Olympian Gabby Douglas has been the talk of the town. Gabby has not only been in the media for her talents but also about other irrelevant things such her mother’s financial issues, her absent father and most of all the way that her hair looks. Monday at the red carpet of the NYC premiere of Spike Lee’s new film, Red Hook Summer (catch a sneak peek of the movie here), we caught up with Gayle King to get her thoughts on the controversy surrounding Gabby’s hair. King’s had a pretty funny take on the situation saying,

“I heard of that, and it made me so sad and disappointed. I wanted to play the Maino song, ‘Hi Hater.’ She has done something that has never been done before. Number one she is adorable, she has a megawatt smile and her hair looked fine, she’s doing gymnastics. I was disappointed that we would do that to each other. I was hoping that she didn’t hear or see any of it. I was very disappointed. We need to celebrate Gabby, lift her up, and buy Kellogg’s; I’m switching from Frosted Flakes to Kellogg’s because I love Gabby Douglas.”

P.S. Peep her shoes! Anybody else switching over to Kellogg’s to support Gabby?

[KeeyahIndia Renee]