EXCLUSIVE: ‘Cash Me Outside’ Star Danielle Bregoli’s Mom Blasts Assault Victim: I’m not responsible for my daughter’s fight!

EXCLUSIVE: Cash Me Outside Star Danielle Bregoli's Mom Blasts Assault Victim: I'm not responsible for my daughter's fight!

Danielle Bregoli & mom Barbara Bregoli

Cash Me Outside Star’s Mom: I’m not responsible for my daughter’s fight!

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Cash Me Outside star Danielle Bregoli’s mom is blasting the Florida woman suing over an alleged fight. In fact, she’s demanding the legal battle be thrown out arguing she can’t be held liable for her daughter’s actions.

Here’s the latest: Recently, Kimberly Peterson headed back to court filing an amended complaint detailing why she believes Danielle’s mother’s (Barbara Ann) inability to parent Danielle holds her liable for the damages and injuries she suffered at the hands of her daughter.

She points out Barbara has had parental responsibility over Danielle since 2004. Since that time, she has had the opportunity and obligation to exert parental control over her, but instead she has failed to exert reasonable and necessary parental controls over.

Peterson explains this behavior includes multiple fights and violent incidents, which she claims Barbara either knew or should have known about.

The alleged victim adds that rather than her being a responsible parent or attempt to control Danielle’s out of control behavior, Barbara has instead encouraged her daughter’s bad behavior by allowing her to appear on television and build a substantial social media following around her unruly conduct.

Peterson says these parental decisions were not made in the best interest of Danielle or the community but rather to gain fame and monetary rewards.

Danielle’s mother is blasting the alleged victims new argument on why she should be held liable for her daughters actions, saying the plaintiff has failed to show she had control over Danielle’s actions.

She explains a parent has never been found liable for the alleged conspiratorial actions of their kid with other minors, and certainly never in the setting of batter.

Further, she says there is no allegation Danielle personally participated in the fight, with the viral star never personally attacking or physically touching the woman.

Here’s the backstory: Earlier this year, a 27-year-old woman named Kimberly Peterson slapped Danielle and her mother Barbara Ann with a lawsuit over an alleged assault & battery. Peterson listed Barbara as a defendant due to Danielle only being 13-years-old.

The suit claimed back on February 26th in Lake Worth, Florida at around 12:30am she was outside a business establishment. Danielle was also outside with her friends, but without any supervision or legal guardian.

The woman alleges Danielle, without provocation, instigated a verbal altercation with her which led to her being assaulted and repeatedly battered and punched repeatedly by the viral star, causing serious bodily injury.

As a result of the incident she suffered disability, impairment, disfigurement, mental anguish, loss of the enjoyment of life, loss of the ability to earn money among many other injuries. Danielle and her mother responded to the lawsuit accusing the woman of fabricating the entire story.

Both deny all allegations of assault, battery and negligence. The viral star claims the entire altercation at issue was captured on video. She claims the tape shows Danielle never touched Peterson and thus these allegations are well known by the plaintiff to be false.

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