Diddy Clarifies Having A Bachelor Party, ‘My twitter got hacked.’

False alarm (not that we believed the twitter hype)! Diddy wants you to know that he’s not officially off the market….yet.

Over the weekend, while promoting his Las Vegas party, Diddy jokingly tweeted his followers to attend his ‘bachelor party’ and bring a big booty or two (his words, not mine). He wrote:

He even tweeted this photo (peep the caption):

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Click To Purchase Your Tickets

And apparently twitter started buzzing (although we honestly missed this). But don’t fret, ladies and gents, although he and Cassie are hot and heavy (my words, not theirs), he ain’t jumping the broom yet. He clarified:

Oh, well…maybe next time :p P.S. Y’all gon’ act like y’all don’t see Chris Brown mean muggin’ the camera, half chest-naked?