Three Shallow Reasons Why Rob Kardashian is Wrong for Blasting Rita Ora

Honestly, it’s 70 degrees today in D.C. and because of this, I didn’t want to ruin an abnormally beautiful day with foolishness. And in real life, it’s VERY rare, that I share my personal opinion on celebrity news. But I’m a girl’s girl and I when I saw this story was growing legs, it made me more and more heated.

For most of the day, my girlfriends and I have been popping slick about this little stunt that Rob Kardashian pulled. And if you have no idea, here’s the back story. Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian were dating. Apparently, things have gone awry and their relationship is over. No big deal, right? Nah. Rob hops on twitter and decides to air Rita’s body count on social media. And while this is nothing new, for some strange reason it irritated me more than usual. Three reasons why:

  1. Rob’s last name is Kardashian. The only reason why we know who he is, is because of his famous sister, Kim Kardashian. And how do we know who she is? Because of a sex tape with Ray J. The media has run Kim’s name thru the mud because of her sex tape, marriage and relationships to Reggie Bush and Kayne West. Unfortunately, she’s been labeled as promiscuous. And to this end, Rob should be HELLA sensitive about blasting a woman, whom he obviously loved and cared about, in public.
  2. ‘Memba, Adrienne? Once upon a time, Rob dated a singer-turned-reality-star named Adrienne Bailon. Rumor has it that Rob cheated on Adrienne. Matter of fact, Rob admitted this bit of information. Are we judging him for being intimate with another women outside of his relationship with Adrienne? Absolutely not. We’re just noting that he’s not an angel.
  3. Bamma. Men that share private information about their ex-girlfriends, on places like twitter, are corny.

I apologize if I’m outta line. Kinda igged me. Feel free to let me know if I’m off base here. **UPDATED**Monday evening, Rob continued his twitter shade to Rita Ora. More tweets below: