Brandy Reveals Engagement Ring + Trina Braxton Demands Money From Estranged Husband

Apparently, Brandy must have heard the buzz about her engagement speculation. On Saturday, she shared a photo of her and fiance Ryan, enjoying their Hawaiin vacation. Please peep how B-Rocka strategically showed off her bling! Congrats!

And in less happier wedding bliss news, a bit of drama is popping off between Toni Braxton’s baby sister, Trina Braxton, and her estranged husband, Gabriel Adrian-Solis.

If you watched Braxton Family Values you are well aware that Trina’s husband, Gabe, had some infidelity issues. After eight years of marriage, according to reports, the two recently separated. But what’s interesting is–Trina is asking a judge to order Gabe to pay an unspecified amount of money to her. What’s even stranger is that Trina says there is currently no plan for the couple to divorce and she’d actually like to work things out. I’m totally confused as to their relationship, but if they love it, I guess we should too.