Saints & Sinners Petition Cancellation of ‘The Sisterhood’ Reality Show

A few religious and spiritual folk are none too pleased with TLC’s new reality show, ‘The Sisterhood’. If you’re unfamiliar with the show (click here for the first episode), it’s cast and storyline revolves around ‘First Ladies’ and/or women who’s husband is or was involved in ministry. A person by the name of Anne Cooke has stared a petition, suggesting that the show should be canceled because it is a negative and inaccurate portrayal of Christianity. The petition reads:

The Sisterhood is being portrayed as a Christian reality show, featuring Preacher’s/Pastor’s wives from Atlanta, GA. The previews and highlights of the upcoming show is pure garbage and does not portray the reality of being a Christian or the reality of being a Preacher’s or Pastor’s wife. The airing of this show is not only offensive to the Body of Christ, but it is also degrading to Women of Color (specifically). This show mocks everything that we, as believers, stand for. It is disgusting, disgraceful, inappropriate and an inaccurate display of what we strive to accomplish as Christians. The airing of this show only adds more fuel to the ever-present distasteful stereotype that we, as Christians, fight daily to erase. We must stand together and put an end to TLC’s clear derogatory distortion of the Body of Christ and Women of God (specifically, Preacher’s and Pastor’s wives)! Please spread the word!

Meanwhile, Christina Murray, one of the cast members, has responded to criticism. In an interview with the Christian Post, she explained:

We hated the religious, dogmatic type of church and people who were very judgmental because that’s how they felt they had to be. So when we began this journey we definitely wanted to be real and authentic not only with ourselves but also with our ministry and our congregation, I believe in my faith wholeheartedly and I want to be able to live up to what God expects me to live up to. I want to be the person God is calling me to be.

If you watched the show, what are your thoughts? Is the petition valid or would you consider it an accurate depiction of the lives of some ‘first ladies’?