Karrueche Takes Her Clothes Off for ‘Rolling Out’, Comments on Rihanna’s ‘Birthday Cake’ Diss

One thing’s for sure, Karruche Tran is certainly making a statement with her first magazine cover. The 20’s something ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown bares all (although she has nude panties on) for ‘Rolling Out‘ literally, dishing on what if feels like to suddenly be thrown into the spotlight, moving forward (in 2013) and ‘The Kill’. Peep a few excerpts: 

On being pushed into the spotlight, because of her boyfriend:

“I first realized there was a change [when] more people would talk about me in blogs and such. And the paparazzi would take pictures and follow me when I wasn’t around Chris [Brown]. I was like ‘Chris is not here, why are you following me?’ But I was constantly seeing myself on blogs and websites. It was kind of weird.”

On the negativity she receives from Rihanna supporters and an alleged reference to her in Ri Ri’s ‘Birthday Cake’ song (sweeter than a rice cake):

“It was very hard. I try my best to just ignore the negativity. Which is hard for me because it’s a lot to deal with. But I try to keep a positive mind and stay strong and not put energy into it.”

On her plans for a healthier, happier 2013:

“Honestly, all I want is happiness. There was a lot of dysfunction and negativity. I just want to be happy. I have so much fun and I’m a better person when I’m happy. That’s all I want in 2013. Everything else will fall in place.”