[Video] Nick Cannon Blames Nicki Minaj’s Bad Behavior + Does NOT Believe Katt Williams Is On Drugs

This week, Nick Cannon took his talents to Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club’, to promote the upcoming season of his MTV show, ‘Wildin’ Out’. But of course, the radio hosts got the 32-year-old media mogul to dish on all things Mariah vs. Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian. Peep a few of the excerpts: 

On why he quit radio: 

It definitely was my health. I was just like not sleeping.

On if Mariah is as big of a diva as some assume she is: 

She (is) SUPER regular. Going into it, I was thinking, ‘Yo Imma hafta do this, this, and this.’ Yo, she mad regular and people don’t know that. She embraced the fact that I treated her normal.

On if if he was amped to have sex with someone as famous as Mariah: 

As crazy as it sounded, we waited. I was knocking so many other chicks down. She was like ‘I see what you doin’ out there.’

On how he feels about Kim Kardashian: 

Kim Kardashian is an amazing young lady. It’s just that honesty got in the way.

On who would win a fight between Nicki Minaj and his wife:  

I wasn’t there, but if you ask my honest opinion, based off ability and size, Mariah ain’t no little chick. She all muscular, and 5’9.

On if Mariah hired more security, to protect her from Nicki Minaj: 

She did hire more security. Mariah didn’t hear (her say that), I don’t think anybody thought Nicki was going to come in showing the hammer. She was trying to maintain being classy.

On if he notices how irritated Mariah Carey has looked on American Idol, at the judges table: 

That’s my thing, if I was managing Nicki Minaj, I don’t think that is a good luck. When you have the world watching, you want tobe on your best behavior.

On Katt Williams recent, irratic behavior: 

I don’t think it’s drugs at all, I think he’s over-worked. That insomnia and stuff. Honestly, i always call it a chemical imbalance. And drugs can take you to that place.

Check his full interview below.