[WATCH] LL Cool J Says Sex With A Pregnant Woman Was A Low Point + ‘Next Chapter’ Full Episode

Sunday evening, Oprah Winfrey sat down to interview, LL Cool J (real name James Todd Smith) for her ‘Next Chapter’ series. The 45-year-old rapper-turned-actor, opened up about his abusive childhood (and watching his father shoot his mother and grandfather at the age of 4), being overly sexual during his younger years (he admits to having sex with a pregnant woman at one point),  plus his wife (Simone) opens up about their marriage. Peep a few excerpts below: 

On attacking an intruder that burglarized his home in 2012:

One of those things, that leave a stain on your soul. You don’t know, what you’ll do to protect your family, until you’re put in that position. You become another person.

On what type of income he made, when he first started in the industry:

When you get a pretty decent check at 16, you’re pretty much crazy anyway. It’s like being 16 w. an unlimited allowance. Maybe 50 grand, 100 grand, then it started going up.

In being successful in crossing over from music, to acting:

I’m a big believer, dreams don’t have deadlines. You have to envision, and then a little grace in your life. Some grace helps. I couldn’t have mapped all of this out.

On watching his father, shoot his mother and grandfather, at four years old:

I guess it would leave you scarred. It was tough. You know what’s interesting, my mother forgave my father. He came back into my life and made amends for alot of things, by helping to guide me. My father, made a massive blunder, but he also did a lot of things right. I learned to hand out the mercy, that I like to receive.

On being tortured, as a child, by one of his mother’s friends:

A friend of my mothers…it wasn’t sexual, it was just beating, take all your clothes out. Kicked out in the snow, kicked outside. Just beat with vaccume cleaner pipes–(at) seven years old.

On having so much access to women and having sex with a pregnant woman:

Ya know….At some point, you just have to be respectful. I mean, when you think back on it…it’s a little agressive. Lots of testerione in that 20 year-old body.I had a rockstar’s life early on, for many years. We all have to mature. At some point, you gotta…kinda get your mind right. We all foolish in some ways, forever. I did some things that were naughty.

Hosting the Grammy’s last year, after Whitney Houston’s passing:

The only way to address in the elephant in the room, was thru prayer. I’m Christian. That being said, I’m a believer. I’m not dogmatic. I’m not super religious. Simone is in church, a lil bit more than me. 

LL’s wife, Simone, on what makes their marriage work:

Definitely putting God first. And compromise. Picking your battles, respecting each other.

On how Simone, handled sexually aggressive videos, during their marriage:

He did this video called ‘Doin It’. I remember the girl licking him on the side of his face, and I just remember we came home from our honeymoon and I’m like ‘What the hell is this!’ and she’s crawling on his legs. I didn’t talk to him for two weeks. I was so upset over that video. I just felt like, now that you’re married, there should be some limitations. Todd, toned it down. I think we have a special bond, [we are] equally yoked.

Watch the full episode below.

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