Big Boi Is Annoyed With People Asking Him About A Reunion: Don’t Ask Me About No Outkast

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Rapper Big Boi (real name Antwan André Patton) is border-line sick and tired (my words, not his) of journalists and fans alike asking about an Outkast reunion. While he’s certainly made a name for himself solo (he recently released Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors), in an interview with Vibe Magazine, he insists that all is well between him and Andre Dre 3000 (real name Andre Benjamin…they met way back when in  high school). He explained:

“Until y’all see us sitting together, don’t ask me about no Outkast.  My kids stay over at Uncle Dre’s or go to his mom’s house.  He and his dad come by to watch football and shoot pool.  Only so many times you can say, “Aint nothing wrong.””

In the interview, the Savannah native also jokes about how, from the very beginning, the two pushed the fashion envelope in the hip hop world:

 “Dre and I were always color-coordinated.  When we did The Chris Rock Show, Dre had on the diaper and was like “What do you think?” I was like, “Do that sh*t.” I had a fur coat,  hoping some muh’fucka from PETA would throw some sh*t on me.”

The 38-year-also opens up about how he used music to cope with the loss of his close family members:

 “My father passed away four or five years ago, my grandmother passed a year ago, and another one a year before that. These were the people who raised me, so I’m just now healing. I used music as a way of self-medicating.”

Check his full interview in Vibe’s February/March issue, on page 20.