[Video] Claudia Jordan Clears The Air: Addresses Jamie Foxx Gay Rumors + Beef With Tamar Braxton & Celebrity Apprentice’s Omarosa

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Model and actress Claudia Jordan stopped by The Breakfast Club and dished on a little bit of everything. The 39-year-old, who is best known for her appearance on game show, “Deal or No Deal” discussed her thoughts on love and marriage, beefs with ‘Tiny Tonight’ co-host Tamar Braxton and Celebrity Apprentice All-Star castmate Omarosa and video vixen Melyssa Ford. Peep the excerpts below.

Rumors about Oscar winning actor Jamie Foxx being gay:

He’s never done anything gay suspicious around me. I’ve been around him since ’98. And I see the rumors and I hear them and I’m like okay he doesn’t act like that around me.”

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If she is still friends with Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars cast mate Omarosa:

We were friends before the show. We said we would go on and be cool, not throw each other under the bus and try to get each other to the end.

On Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars cast mate Latoya Jackson.

Love Latoya Jackson. I thought she would be different like a diva but she is really sweet.”

On her quickie (now annulled) Las Vegas marriage:

We rushed into it, we didnt know each other that well. We were not drunk, we were not high.We were dating and we were in Vegas and we were out there and he got on one knee and asked me to marry him and I was like ” this is cute, let’s do it.” I’m a go-for-it type chic.'”

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On the beef with ‘Tiny Tonight’ talk show cast mate Tamar Braxton:

It’s a one-sided beef.Before I did Tiny Tonight, I never seen The Braxton’s or whatever other show she had, I never even heard her music, I knew nothing about her except that she was one of the sisters of Toni Braxton.

If you think that by me saying,  “I’m not a gold digger” when I am being attacked from all angles because my idea of a perfect first date is not necessarily getting in a private jet which is so freaking unrealistic and I say, “Hey I’m not a gold digger” and you take offense to that then you might wanna take a look at yourself. I never said anything about her being a gold digger, I don’t know her life.”

If she can reconcile or have a friendship with Tamar:

I don’t hate her. I was actually going to call her and say listen we should probably talk, I don’t like a hostile uncomfortable work place.”

Her views on marriage:

I’m very optimistic. I’m not bitter, that’s why I keep jumping in. I defitenly still feel its possible.’

Rumors that her, Melyssa Ford and Elise Neal were going to have a reality show:

I think it was a little ahead of its time. There was no fighting on the show. Eventually, they were probably going to try to get me and Melyssa against each other.”

On rumors she and Melyssa Ford are longer friends:

I heard she has issues with me, but I don’t have a beef with her. There’s a lot of one-sided beefs out there that I’m not privy too.”


Peep the full interview below.


During the latest episode of Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars, Claudia and Omarosa got into a heated battle on Twitter of course. Take a look at the exchange below.






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