[WATCH] Nene Leakes Wanted Porsha Stewart Off RHOA + Are Porsha and Kordell ‘Faking’ Their Divorce? Wendy Williams Hopes Not

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Even though season five of Real Housewives of Atlanta has officially ended, the news continues. After the airing of the season five reunion, news broke that RHOA hubby Kordell Stewart had filed for divorce from newest housewife Porsha, who was informed via twitter.Veteran cast member Nene Leakes offered Porsha support through through her impending divorce. Earlier this week, rumors began swirling that the soon-to-be divorced couple had hatched a plan to stay on the show–fake their divorce. So what’s new here? Well, during the three part reunion special, the only original cast member Nene hinted that changes needed to made–within the cast. In short, she wants someone to exit stage left.

 She stated:

 We probably need to replace a person.

When show producer and Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen asked for specifics she stated:

No, thank you. I’ll talk to you about it at your office.”

On the upcoming one-on-one interview special with NeNe (which airs this weekend, with Andy Cohen), she confirmed that she was referring to Porsha explaining:

Yes, I did feel that Porsha at that time needed to leave the show because there was something – I’m a good judge of character; I’ve been blessed, child, I’ve been given a gift – and I kept feeling like Porsha and Kordell were not being real enough.”
Check it out:

Interestingly, when news of Porsha’s upcoming divorce broke, Nene expressed her support for the newest cast member. Porsha had nothing but warm things to say about Leakes saying:

I’m definitely blessed to have a strong support system around me. NeNe, she’s been through a similar situation in her past. She’s telling me to take care of me right now, and that’s what I’m doing.”

Since news hit that NeNe was referring to Porsha (as the housewife that should be replaced) that sentiment has apparently changed. On twitter, she wrote:


Was she referring to NeNe? *Shrug* But there’s more!


Talk show host Wendy Williams discussed her feelings about the rumors (of Porsha and Kordell faking it) during her hot topics segment stating:

If there is one lie that just turns me off  and makes me want to throw up on the ground and that is the lie about the status of someones marriage. It is also the one lie if your a celebrity to get you the most headlines, but to me that is such a disgusting level to stoop because anyone who is married or has been married knows that marriage is not easy.

Peep the video below.

Do you think Porsha and Kordell are ‘faking’ their divorce? And is or was NeNe warranted in saying that Porsha and Kordell should not return for another season? 

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