(EXCLUSIVE) Faith Evans Wants Bad Boy Reunion Lawsuit Thrown Out

(EXCLUSIVE) Faith Evans Wants Bad Boy Reunion Lawsuit Thrown Out

Faith Evans, Sean Combs

Faith Evans Wants Bad Boy Reunion Lawsuit Thrown Out

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Faith Evans has returned to court demanding the Georgia concert promoters lawsuit over the Bad Boy Reunion Tour be thrown out. She claims she never signed a deal with the man and says he is only suing due to a vendetta against Live Nation.

Here’s the latest: On October 13th, Evans returned to court and demanded the lawsuit be thrown out. She explains the contract she signed for the performance was with The Middle Georgia Entertainment Group NOT Jeremy Hill and therefore, he personally has no legal standing to sue her.

Faith accuses Hill of having a vendetta against Live Nation – the promoter behind the Bad Boy Reunion Tour – and as a result he filed his lawsuit.

She admits she – through her representative – that she informed Hill she would not be performing at the September 10th concert. Faith denies any wrongdoing and is demanding the suit be tossed out of court and the man not be awarded.

(EXCLUSIVE) Faith Evans Wants Bad Boy Reunion Lawsuit Thrown Out

Here’s the backstory: A man named Jeremy Hill and his company The Middle Georgia Entertainment Group filed the lawsuit against Faith and Live Nation Worldwide in Federal Court.

Back in 2015, Hill explains he worked out a deal with Faith to perform at the Wolf Creek Amphitheater in Atlanta this past September. The singer was paid a total of $17,500 for the show when she signed the seal.

Hill pointed out the contract had a provision that Faith could not perform within a 100 mile radius of Atlanta or be announced as a performer at another venue for any date between March 10th 2016 – September 10th 2016.

The man said Faith had been announced as a performer, as part of the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour, which would be held at Phillips Arena nearby– 2 days before her show at Wolf Creek, which the man says is a breach of their agreement.

Then despite knowing she had a gig on September 10th, 2016 in Georgia, she entered into a deal with Live Nation to perform in Florida the same day.

According to the docs, Faith told a representative of Live Nation that she had a previously scheduled concert but they threatened if she performed in Atlanta that she would be cut from the entire Bad Boy tour.

(EXCLUSIVE) Faith Evans Wants Bad Boy Reunion Lawsuit Thrown Out

Hill contacted Live Nation and even sent off cease and desist letters demanding they stop interfering with his deal with Faith. They never responded to his demands.

He explained that if the Faith concert doesn’t go as planned he will experience even more pain & suffering, loss of reputation and good will amongst his clients within the entertainment industry, suffer damages in excess of $100k+.

(EXCLUSIVE) Faith Evans Wants Bad Boy Reunion Lawsuit Thrown Out

Faith Evans

The lawsuit demanded a restraining order against Live Nation and Faith from performing the Bad Boy concert days before his along with damages for the singer & the music company actions.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams