[Photos] Jay Z Denies Pregnancy # Two + Who Do You Believe: E! News or Hot 97?

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It looks like we (*raises hand*) and a number of outlets stand correct. Although we noted the rumor was not confirmed, a few inside sources ‘confirmed’ with E! News that Beyonce and Jay-Z were expecting bambino number two.

beyonce-jay-z-france-deny pregnancy-the jasmine brand

On Friday, news hit that the couple were expecting their expectant child, which explained why earlier in the week, Bey had canceled her first show. But on Monday, radio personality (and station manager) Ebro of NYC’s Hot 97, gave his own ovary hustlin’ report. In short, he said that he emailed Jay-Z congratulating him and Jigga man had responded via email:

It’s not true. The news is worse than blogs.

Meanwhile, E! News has yet to update or retract their original story. And Jay and Bey seem to be unfazed. Both were spotted in France, getting off of a private yacht.

jayz denies pregnancy number two-beyonce yacht-the jasmine brand


c-beyonce-jay-z-france-dispute pregnancy number two-the jasmine brand beyonce-jay-z-france-dispute pregnancy number two-the jasmine brand


P.S. Whom do you believe–Hot 97 or E! News? P.S.S. How adorable is this chair?

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