Nicci Gilbert Explains Decision To Leave ‘R&B Divas’, Prepping For Spin Off Show

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This week, we shared that TV One’s shows, R&B Divas Atlanta and LA will be returning for more entertainment, drama and fun. One of the biggest surprises of the announcement was that a few original cast members from R&B Divas, including Faith Evans and Nicci Gilbert, would not be returning for season three. While most of us were scratching our heads from their disappearance (besides both assisted with the creation of the show), some were the least bit surprises. On and off camera, Nicci shared her displeasure about the direction of both shows.

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And in a recent interview with Madame Noire, the Brownstone singer explained why she jumped ship on the new season.

I just realized that it really wasn’t a good look for me as a 43-year-old woman with a daughter that I’m trying to raise. I actually wasn’t going to come back for season two because there were things that occurred that I wasn’t happy about.

But she explains that she’ll still be making coins, behind the scenes:

I’m still getting a check as a producer, so please, tune into R&B Divas!

She added that being in front of the camera was very stressful, as she faced criticism:

There were times where I would wake up so stressed, I thought I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

She added:

Try to have an open mind…at the end of the day, reality stars are just doing what they can to feed their families.


Meanwhile, if you’re interested in seeing Nicci and the ‘Diary of a Diva‘ tour, plans are still underway.

It’s not because, oh, ‘nobody wanted to see it.’ There was just a really busy touring schedule in Atlanta. We do have a market, so the tour will happen, it will just be happening in March.

Reportedly, to date Faith Evans, Keke Wyatt and Kelly Price are set for the tour. What’s more? She’s working on her own reality show, set to air in 2014, to give people a better look at her life. What are your thoughts on Nicci’s departure? Will season three suffer without her or do you prefer her behind the scenes? 

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