Ear Hustlin’: Love & Hip Hop New York Cast Pissed At Contracts, Holding Strike Against VH1

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Let’s say, we’re just not that surprised by this rumor. Of course it could be absolutely false, but chances are, there’s some truth to it. We’ll share our insight towards the end. Here’s the skinny. According to TMZ, the cast of Love & Hip Hop New York is trying to increase their business hustle and up the ante with their contract negotiations. Reportedly, they are refusing to go to work. Rumor has it, this week, the cast was supposed to show up in NYC, to film a trailer for next season. So what happened? Only half of the cast showed up, while the other half stayed home in protest because negotiations. The cast members that actually showed up, are said to have left upset, as they felt they should be entitled to revised contracts as well. So what more do they want out of their contract? First, the obvious is money. In fact, double of what they currently get paid. Second, they want editing power–as in, they’re not Mc Lovin’ how they were portrayed last season. Emergency meetings have been called and if all parties don’t come to Jesus, the cast may strike even longer.

love and hip hop ny strike-negotiating contracts-the jasmine brand

What do we think? An insider told us that cast of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta spin-off show has similar concerns. Not all of them, but some of them are VERY upset that they’re not getting paid as much as they may be worth. What motivates them more is that their ratings KILL the original New York version (click here to read TV executive Carlos King’s thoughts on why Atlanta out performs New York). So what’s stopping them? The entire cast can’t stick together to formulate a plan of action. Off camera (and on), half of them can’t get along enough to join forces and get VH1 to take them seriously. Meanwhile, we haven’t heard a peep from the show’s executive producer, Mona Scott-Young. But from what we’re told, she has very little to do with contracts and what the cast is paid. So the finger can’t be pointed her way.

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BTW, if this concept (of striking) sounds unfamiliar to you–it really isn’t and happens in TV all of the time. Case in point, back in 1996, the cast of the popular show ‘Friends’, striked, holding out as a team, negotiating WAY more than they were initially offered. Love & Hip Hop isn’t bringing in those type of throw-back numbers, but some suggest they do have more power than they know. Anywho, stay tuned as we’ll be hustlin’ up some more intel.

love and hip hop new york-cast strike-negotiation contract dispute-the jasmine brand