[UPDATED] Benzino Releases Joseline Hernandez Diss Video, ‘Smashed Da Homie’ + Twitter Fight Between Stevie J & Benzino Breaks Out

benzino-smash-da-homies-joseline diss video-the jasmine brand

The beef is real in the reality TV world y’all. And it looks as if Benzino has pulled a play book from Ray J’s ‘I Hit It First’ playbook.

f-benzino-joseline diss video-smashed da homie-the jasmine brand

It appears that the tension between Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez and Benzino has spilled onto the music scene. He’s dropped a new song and video called ‘Smashed Da Homie‘. And from what we gather, he’s referencing the real life, self proclaimed Queen B*tch, Joseline. With lyrics like:

She says she want to get to know me. Even though she smashed the homie. She wanted to do it like some animals! I tried to tell her to keep it low-key.

It’s safe to call this fancy thing a diss track. Anywho, check it out below.

e-benzino-joseline diss video-smashed da homie-the jasmine brand

d-benzino-joseline diss video-smashed da homie-the jasmine brand

c-benzino-joseline diss video-smashed da homie-the jasmine brand

benzino-joseline diss video-smashed da homie-the jasmine brand

UPDATED: Wednesday afternoon, after the video hit, both Stevie J and Benzino got into a VERY heated twitter exchange, that looks like it ended their friendship. See below.

Stevie J Tweeted:

N*ggas talkin it but ain’t livin it cristal pop I’m sippin it MOB hats & lizards sh*t! @IAMBENZINO I don’t need a hit f*ggot I pulled them Haitians off u & gave u a new life in the A! Kitty on a plane now. Fall back f*ggot..I walked around solo dolo but these suckahs need to pay they friends for protection. Steroids will have thinking u supaman! My bitch made u famous enough. Chill b4 I call Kim Osirio.

Benzino Tweeted:

Just know that i would have never done this on twitter or on #LAHHATL THATS HIM! He threw the first shot, im just defendinf myself … I know this looks bad and it sucks but it is what it is, that n*gga was my brother and proved time after time, I dont know what he’s goin through but ive only been there for him … This is a sad f*ckin day and i apologize to all who is seeing this cuz ive tried hard to not be this way but he came at me first #brosoverhoes … Josilin gave me her num at the radio station & said f*ck stevie, im f*ckin my trainer, i told her i had a hair deal and she said lets doit … It wasnt a dm it was a text in the morn for us to do a conference call, i told her at station i would tell sleaze about deal & i did …IM DONE WITH THIS LOVE AND HIP HOP , I CANT DO THIS NO MORE, MY CHARACTER & FRIENDSHIPS ARE WAY MORE IMPORTANT, this is horrible..