Kelly Rowland Continues To State Her Case: ‘I Am Not Jealous of Beyonce!’ + ‘Talk A Good Game’ Reviews & Predictions Sketchy


Kelly jealous of who? Kelly Rowland nips the rumors in the bud with an attempt to break down the lyrics in ‘Dirty Laundry’. Following the single’s release last month, rumors swirled that she was envious of former group member Beyonce, with lyrics like, “While my sister was on stage, killing it like a motherf–ker, I was enraged, feeling it like a motherf–ker.” But ask Kelly and it’s nothing like that:

I’m not saying I’m jealous of her by any means! … It’s so sad that people always go straight to that place [of jealousy]. It’s ridiculous. It’s basically about me going through some struggles in my life while she was doing her thing.”

It seems critics have mixed emotions about Kelly’s ‘Talk a Good Game’, giving the album mixed reviews. Most critics believe this album is her most revealing album yet, and that we get to see Kelly open up in a way we’ve never seen. But then there are some who criticize the lyrics of ‘Dirty Laundry’, calling the song “Desperate.”

Billboard writes:

Kelly Rowland finally comes into her own on Talk a Good Game, her most focused, consistent and honest album to date.

Idolator states:

The album feels cohesive, versatile, and authentic; and most of all, it’s the first time I’ve ever felt like I know who Kelly Rowland is.

While the New York Daily News is on the fence:

Releasing a confessional comes at a cost: It makes Rowland look a tad desperate. Worse, the song’s ‘message’ obliterates the music, which ambles around without ever finding a melody.

Meanwhile, album predictions (via HITS Daily Double) Kelly will sell between 60,000 to 65,000 in her first week. ‘Kisses Down Low’ peaked at numbers 72 and 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. Anywho, here are some pix, of Ms. Rowland heading into Good Morning America.



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