Ear Hustlin’: Frank Ocean Takes Aim at Chris Brown, Calls His Music Sloppy + Emily B Announces New Shoe Line

frank ocean-disses chris brown-the jasmine brand

Mr. Frank Ocean (real name Christopher Francis Ocean,) has a few words to get off of his artistic chest and as usual he’s used Tumblr as his audience. You’ll recall, last year, the 25-year-old made a HELLUVA announcement about his private life on Tumblr. Anywho, this go ’round, he’s specifically used lyrics to address his beef (which I thought both had moved past) with Chris Brown. ‘Memba they allegedly got into tussle in the parking lot of a studio in Hollywood? And ‘memba Chris refused to stand when Ocean received is Grammy? Welp, it appears that all that and then some is passively aggressively addressed in a post called ‘Audio’. Check out  few of my favorite excerpts:

Versace Versace, I’ll Play the Piano…I’m Not Liberace…You Could Stay Seated I’m Taking That Grammy…Your Music Is Sloppy…N*ggas is Heated They Keep On Repeating The Evening….I’m Slow Mo…I Sold Enough Records….I’m Selling Out Cities I Don’t Do No Promo…

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What do YOU think? Is Frank taking aim at Chris Brown or are we looking too far into this?

And in other news…

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Reality star, Emily B, is launching her own shoe line. The ex-Love & Hip Hop (NY) reality star and girlfriend/babymama to rapper Fabolous, announced the new line this week on twitter:

Ladies!!! I’m so excited to finally announce my NEW SHOE LINE “Emily B” dropping this Fall!! For wholesale inquiries contact [email protected] ???? #sneakpeek

This seems like the perfect fit for Emily, as she has a background in fashion styling AND she attempted to create a line with Chrissy Lampkin on Chrissy’s spin-off show, Chrissy & Mr. Jones. Plus, if you follow Emily on Instagram, you’re well aware of her shoe fetish :) No additional details have yet been shared, but we’re guessing we’ll see some of it on season two, of Chrissy’s show, which Emily is a regular on.

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