Ear Hustlin’: Will Stevie J & Joseline Get Their Own Wedding Special Spin-Off

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On the final episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez shocked us all (*insert sarcasm here*), when the two made their love official, having a semi-drama filled proposal ceremony. By now, you probably watched the episode, but the short and dirty is the  intimate festive ‘ceremony’ included rose petals, a piano, champagne and two women.

Yep! Stevie brought along the mother of his youngest child, Mimi Faust, to witness their love.

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Actually, she did more than witness–she too was granted a ring–which caused all kinds of commotion. By the end of the finale, Joseline had popped Stevie upside his head and Mimi laughed hysterically, while joking:

Who’s the maid now?

And Joseline claimed that she was done with love. But as us reality TV junkies know, the story ain’t over yet.

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The show wrapped filming over a month ago and last week, we shared photos of Joseline and Stevie sporting rumored wedding rings during an ATL radio interview. After the finale episode aired, Stevie wanted to make one thing clear, he is indeed fact married.

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So what’s next for the VH1 break-out stars? Well, this is PURE speculation, but ‘folk’ are ‘saying’ that these two may get their own spin-off show. If this is the case, they wouldn’t be the first to land a spin-off from the Love & Hip Hop Franchise. After spending two seasons on the original Love & Hip Hop (NY), rapper Jim Jones and his fiance, Chrissy Lampkin, threw up the deuces and snagged ‘Chrissy & Mr. Jones‘. And Stevie J thinks that he and his Puerto Rican Princes can do the same thing. In an interview with Power 107.5 DJ Big Bink‘s, Stevie commented on spin-off rumors:

Well, yeah, absolutely. We really appreciate “Love & Hip Hop” the franchise and you know, we definitely in discussions about the spinoff right now.

From what we ‘hear’, the spin-off would start off as a wedding special and if the ratings speak volumes, they’ll be given the green light for a full on spin-off. Only time will tell. What are YOUR thoughts on a wedding special or spin-off? Can you digest 60 minutes of all things Stevie J and Joseline or should they stick to the LHHA script?

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