The Game Says Burying 6-Year-Old Tiana Ricks Was the Saddest Day of His Life

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Last weekend, tragedy struck a California family. Tiana Ricks, a 6-year-old girl, was gunned down in an apparent gang-related shooting in Moreno Valley, Calif. Last Saturday, Tiana was fatally struck in her shoulder outside a family member’s going away party that she was attending with her father. Reportedly, the bullet traveled through her and hit her father, 26-year-old Tyrell Ricks Jr., in the leg, leaving him wounded. Relatives said Tiana asked if her father was okay before gasping for breath and losing consciousness. The 6-year-old later succumbed to her injuries at a hospital. Well-known rapper The Game (real name Jayceon Taylor) donated $10,000 to cover her funeral costs. In an interview with CBS Los Angeles, The Game stated:

This very sad story hit me in a place nothing ever has.

He reached out to the girl’s mother, 24-year-old Marquia Macklin, after learning she was trying to raise money for her daughter’s memorial. Over the weekend, Tiana’s family laid her to rest.

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The Game (who has three children) wrote about his experience after the funeral service:

Today was officially the saddest day of my life this far. I don’t have many words as I am disorientated & plagued by disbelief in positivity after walking out of the funeral services for 6 year old Tiana Ricks. My condolences to both her father & her step-father as well as the rest of her family….. But most of all all my love, prayers & well wishes go out to @lost_the_love_of_my_life for being as strong as anyone I’ve ever seen given the untimely circumstances. I am in pieces over this one being a father of a baby girl myself & there is no way on this earth a child should EVER have to lay inside of a coffin. Things like this make people lose all hope… But I’m hoping the God we all praise takes the wheel immediately in her mothers life….. Sad sad story man. I hate when sh*t ends up like this for the wrong people. Rest In Paradise you beautiful little angel & may your life amongst God be a million times better than what earth dealt. My love is with you on your journey into the promise land.#JusticeForTiana

Please keep Tiana’s family in your thoughts and prayers.

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Tiana’s mother, Marquia Macklin, and Tiana