[WATCH] Waka Flocka Says His Fiance Is Joining ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ + Why He’ll Never Speak to Gucci Mane Ever Again In Life

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For the past month or so, rumors have been swirling about the newest additions of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Coming up on its third season, the good folk at VH1 have been on the hunt for fresh blood, I mean, talent LOL.To date, some of the rumors of new cast members have been B. Mae, Stevie’s J’s rumored fling. During a recent interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club rapper Waka Flocka (real name Juaquin Malphurs) discusses rumors that he’ll be on LHHA, his need for having more children and his ex-friend, Gucci Mane. Check out a few excerpts below.

Rumors that he was joining Love & Hip Hop Atlanta:
I’m not doing Love & Hip, my fiancé Tammy Rivera is doing it. I don’t do reality shows. Go ahead and put a million dollars in her pocket cause its me. Put two million. I aint gotta but no more purses, shoes. Those Christian Louboutin [prices] are crazy.

On wanting children with Rivera:
I’ve been trying, I’ve been shooting duds. I’m taking vitamins and all.

On his relationship with Gucci Mane:

When he talks crazy, I see people saying, ‘Oh Wacka disloyal’ I’m like how? I met this guy, I’m not even trying to talk bad, in cowboy boots and sleeping in an old school chevy. He lived at my mom’s house for two years rent free. I risked my life. It’s like when you are not bigger than somebody, they’re basically like your sensai. It’s like Bruce Lee and his sensai. Your sensai love you and when ya’ll fighting and you whoop his a–, it’s a diffrent story, know what I mean? When I started going on tours, when I started by different cars, I’m not leasing nothing, I started buying different jewelry, your conversation changes with me. You can’t lie no more, it’s facts. I guess that crawls under people’s skin. When I come around and I get a little different attention than you. I’ve been seeing that mess with his ego. I didn’t think he was gonna go to that level like cyberspace. That’s crazy. I don’t care how crazy he doing, I don’t care if he jumps off the roof, if I catch him its going digital.  I don’t want to kill him or nothing, I just wanna slap him a couple of times like a little brother. Gucci lost his noodles. People think he is gangster and he really needs medical attention. I’m not concerned, I don’t care nothing about him. We ain’t never going to be friends ever. As long as this earth is green, it’s over.
Ouch! Peep the entire interview below.