J.Lo Opens Up About Boyfriend Casper, Being Misunderstood & Mariah Carey’s Shade: She’s forgetful I guess. [VIDEO]

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Superstar Jennifer Lopez stopped by The Wendy Williams Show, talked about her relationship with Casper Smart, and struggling with her twins getting older and often being misunderstood because of all the different roles she plays. Plus, Jen opens up about Vegas and if she checked out the competition. Last time Jen stopped by the show, she told Wendy that she was single and wasn’t dating Casper. Jen clarified and said,

I was (single). We broke up for a little bit. We’ve done that a couple of times.

Casper Smart, JLo

Casper Smart, JLo

Wendy asked,

How does that work? In my mind, when you fight with a man and break up, he’s running out of the house with vases crashing at the front door.

Jen laughed,

No, no, it’s not that dramatic. Its like, bye, then we get back together and then, hi.

Jen also admitted to getting emotional over the recent birthday of her twins, Max and Emmy turning 8 years old.

This is the first birthday where I got emotional that they were getting too big. Other ones, its like oh they’re getting big and they’re not babies anymore. But this one, I was crying the night before.

While staring and producing the NBC drama Shades of Blue, Wendy asked if she felt misunderstood by people who might perceive her as a pop star like her co-star Ray Liotta.

I think so. I think people have a lot of different ideas about me until they meet me in person. Because of what people write and things people say, some true, many untrue, you know what I mean? So when they meet me they don’t know what to think.

She added,

I’m super focused when I’m working, especially when I’m acting. It is a whole different person. Then I invited him (Ray) to my Vegas show and he was like, who is that person?

Talking about Vegas, Jen couldn’t say enough,

I love it! It was a dream. When I think of Vegas, I think of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley and iconic performers.

She also admitted to checking out the other Vegas shows,

Before I even signed my deal to go to Vegas, when they were offering it to me, I went and saw a bunch of shows. I saw everybody. I saw Britney, I saw Shania. I didn’t see Mariah because at the time she wasn’t playing.

Wendy said,

Who? No, I’m playing. That’s what Mariah said about Jennifer one time.

Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez

Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez

Jen laughed and said,

She does say that. She’s forgetful I guess. We’ve met many times. I don’t know, I don’t know her that well.

Lastly, Wendy presented Jen with her very own personalized cat suit complete with a plunging neck line and ‘How You Doin’ on the back! Check out the video below.

Authored by: Kellie Williams