[VIDEO] Tami Roman Explains Outburst With Evelyn Lozada: She Triggered Me + Watch Basketball Wives Episode 5

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Monday night, things almost turned for the worst on episode 5 of Basketball Wives. Viewers were 2.5 seconds from seeing the vintage versions of both Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman when a confrontation ensued at a ‘Come to Jesus’ dinner. In seasons past, both women have been known to get physical. In fact, they both came to blows on Tami’s first season on the show. Fast forward to the present day and a verbal exchange almost caused things to escalate. Here’s what happened. Tami was having a disagreement with Shaunie over a comment she had made to newbie, Tasha Marbury. After a point was made (by Tasha) that Evelyn agreed with, Evelyn put her hand up and remarked:

So, boop!

Tami responds:

Don’t put your hand up. You know I don’t like that.

Then Evelyn murmurs under her breath


And Tami sees red, getting up yelling at Evelyn:

Put your hand up again! Put your hand up again!

Thankfully, Shaunie intervened calming Tami down. During the episode Tami and Evelyn remained mum, outside of retweets from their twitter supporters.

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Tami later did a video blog after the episode, as she’s done in previous weeks, addressing the confrontation. She explained:

Everybody has a trigger…and for me, putting your hand up…it’s not cool to me. It’s not gonna ever be cool to me…..And then you couple that with ‘Bitch’….But let’s be clear, I didn’t punch her in her face. I didn’t do that. I was able to contain myself. But yes, I did take that fork out that b*tches hand because you know she would pick up something and throw it and I was not gonna let her stab me and my damn hand. I sure wasn’t; so I took that weapon away. Boo Boo anybody else would’ve did the same same…This is NY Street Fighting 101…Take all weapons and use yours…She was smart. She’s a smart cookie. She kept her *ss in that seat….

Check her full video blog:

And here’s the full episode:

If you watched last night’s episode, what are your thoughts about the confrontation between Evelyn and Tami? Did Evelyn provoke Tami or was Tami ultimately wrong and responsible with how she handled the argument?