Tami Roman Announces New Book ‘Mistresses 101’ & Alleged Beef With Evelyn Lozada Over Spin-Off

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The fifth season of Basketball Wives has kicked off to a decent start and one of the more vocal castmates, Tami Roman, has amped up her press appearances, taking full advantage of the buzz that both she and the show have garnered. This week, the mother of

two did an interview with popular New York radio show, Hot 97. It’s pretty lengthy, but after watching it, we’ve pulled out a few tidbits that you may not be aware of. For starters, whether either cast mate has said it aloud, there seems to be some unresolved issues with Tami and Evelyn Lozada (she addresses recent rumors about some name calling, along with the infamous fight between the two a few seasons back).


There have also been spin-off buzz rumors and comments that Tami won’t be returning for another season. Tami also announces that she’s writing a new book (called ‘Mistresses 101’) and jokingly clarifies her relationship status (which includes batteries). Check out a few excerpts below.

On if she called Evelyn Lozada a ‘Media Slore’ and whether or not she thinks she’s fake for saying she wants a spin-off:
I don’t necessarily think I said any of that…She’s doing what she needs to do, same as I am. She wants a spin-off. And I think that we’re all that point where we definitely feel we can warrant that and carry a show so I don’t have any qualms with her about that. Do you [and] what you can do.
On what her real issue is with Evelyn:
With this seaosn I don’t think we really had an issue….I think that you call me a bitch and you put your hand in my face…coupled those together that’s a problem for me. I feel like you’re coming for me…and I’m not a child.
On if Tami and Evelyn have fought off camera:
First season, the whole non-mutha f*ckin’ factor comment got her punched in her face.

evelyn lozada and tami roman fight-the jasmine brand

On if she still has unresolved issues about Evelyn being involved with her ex husband:
She was involved with my ex husband while we were still married and I had no idea. I found out on the show. Well, see here’s the thing, I did forgive her. Because the issue with her wasn’t that she slept with him, the issue with her was that she taped with me for six months and did not tell me and I thought we were cool. I don’t care about Kenny….that’s not the issue. As a woman, just give me that respect and common courtesy.
On if her ex-husband, Kenny Anderson, helps her children financially:
No. No, he doesn’t. My daughters are 19 and 17. No, I wish he would send a check for college. He doesn’t have to. He hasn’t paid it for about 14 years. We had to take ’em to court. There’s a settlement that hasn’t been paid yet. I don’t know his finances. I don’t know where he lives. He came on the show the first season that I was on. That was my attempt at extending the Olive Branch. That was the one time they saw him.
On why she named one of her nail polishes after Khloe Kardashian:
She was a heavy set girl…she’s not representative of her sister, of her legacy or the lack thereof. I named it after her because she inspired me.
On if she has any regrets to get on reality TV, starting on the ‘Real World’:
I do not have one single regret…Coming onto the Real World I’m just the person that tries to be as transparent as I can be. I feel like I’m putting my story out there. I use the show as a mirror and I work on Tami…You’re mistakes are your best teachers.
On if she won’t be returning for another season:
I said I don’t think I will, but my contract’s not up. But I do believe that Bastball Wives has run it’s course. I think it’s just time the natural transgression is we have our own shows or we have ventures that we move onto and keep the train moving.
On if she’s in a relationship:
Yes, I am dating my vibrator and we are in a committed relationship. I hafta be at home in my bed, with the lights out. I need to be laid down…on my back. Legs a little…like a forty-five.
On her new book, Mistresses 101:
I have a book coming. It’s called Mistresses 101 and it’s about women and their relationships and how they can keep them…Because I’ve talked to mistresses. I’m not that type of chic. Because I’ve been through a relationship and I thought I was the perfect mate, but clearly there were some things within me…I’m not that chic in my relations. I will not put my hands on you but I will cut the f*ck outta your tires.
Watch the full interview below: