[VIDEO] Teens Engage In New, Dangerous Trend Called ‘Fire Challenge’

Fire Challenge

There’s a new trend kids are participating in that’s taking “do it for the ‘gram” to a dangerous new level. The game is called Fire Challenge—teens douse themselves in rubbing alcohol, light themselves on fire, then post it for social media for likes. And it’s already had one fatality.

A 15-year old boy in New York died after setting himself on fire. He wasn’t near any water source and after his friends weren’t successful in putting the fire out, he succumbed to the burns.

Another 14-year-old boy in Texas was hospitalized from participating in the same game. He was standing in the shower—which is the “proper” procedure when playing the game—so his injuries weren’t as severe.

Another boy in Florida was engulfed in his flames and suffered major injuries, but luckily it wasn’t fatal.

These are three cases from this popular game that’s spreading like wildfire—no pun intended—across the United States. It even has its own hashtag on social media where participants share their gory pictures and experiences of it.

Authored by: Sharifa Daniels