Popular Gospel Singer Pastor Marvin Winans Allegedly Refuses To Bless Babies of Unwed Mothers

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Gospel Fred Hammond, Pastor Marvin Winans

Someone has a bone to pick with Rev. Marvin Winans. Charity Grace, single mom and Detroit native, was planning to have her son Joshua blessed at a dedication ceremony at the Perfecting Church but was turned away. Why you ask? Earlier this week, Grace called the church helmed by gospel singer and pastor Winans to sign up for the event and was allegedly told by a church representative that Pastor Winans doesn’t bless babies to unwed mothers in front of the congregation. Grace explained,

I want to instill values and morals in my son based upon the word of God. I told them I was not married and that’s where everything just broke loose.I’ve never felt so degraded and disrespected in my life. What they could do for me is let my son get dedicated, during a week day with one of the elders of my choice. I absolutely would not set foot back in the church right now because I feel like they look down upon me and my kind, meaning single moms and unwed mothers. The church should be the last place you should go to be judged and denied.

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Bishop Freddy Edwards, Marvin Winans

A local pastor agrees with Grace, suggesting that she should have never been turned away for this reason:

Every pastor has set up the pattern of his church, the way he feels or deems fit. But as it relates to the scripture, I feel like it’s wrong. I  feel like we’re judging, but we’re not judging with righteous judgement. I’m not speaking against the pastor, but sometimes we make poor decisions.

Winans is part of the famous family, who also includes Vicky, BeBe, CeCe ,Ronald and Daniel. He has released several solo albums with the Perfecting Church choir. Winans also starred in a recurring role on Tyler Perry’s ‘House of Payne’ and portrayed Pastor Brian in the film ‘I Can Do Bad All By Myself’ starring Taraji P.Henson.  He also delivered a portion of the eulogy at Whitney Houston’s funeral. Winans and The Perfecting Church have yet to release a statement. What are your thoughts? A bit extreme or does his alleged view point reflect biblical scripture? 

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