[VIDEO] Adrienne Bailon Talks Her Fear of Turning 30, Having A Non-Celebrity Boyfriend + Why Her First Solo Album Failed

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Singer/actress/TV personality Adrienne Bailon is pretty much an open book. She isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, even at her own expense. The co-host of The Real embodied the show’s name which made it bitter sweet when it was announced that the show wouldn’t be picked up. However one door closes and another one opened as this former Cheetah girl has a movie opening this Friday called ‘I’m In Love With a Church Girlwith Ja Rule and is heading back in the studio with Ne-Yo to finish up her album. The latin songstress chatted with radio host Zach Sang and The Gang in which she opened up to her fears of turning 30 but stayed mums on who’s her new beau adding that he isn’t a celeb.

Zach Sang: [The Real] is essentially the younger, more diverse version of The View.

What makes the show really different is the cast, the cast makes the really different. If we think it, we say it, we’re outspoken women who have something to say and I think that makes the show really different.

Was that your end goal in all of this was that kind of your dream position?

My dream position is to be Beyonce. she clearly has my dream life, god got us confused and I want my life back. [laughs] But no, it isn’t what I official thought I would end up.

What kind of path did you think your career would take when you were doing the Cheetah Girls?

I honestly thought I’d go in more of the music route, but doing The Real allows me to now do music. The biggest thing that went wrong with trying to make a solo album straight after the Cheetah Girls was trying to make music that really was personal and really reflected who I was as a 26-year-old women who had been through love, living with a man, moving across the country away from him, breaking up and all these things. But when people would listen to it they would be like “what does that lil 15 year old cheetah girl know about love and heartbreak.” There was a disconnect, people couldn’t get why I was talking about it.

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Now that you’re on the verge of turning 30, does that scare you a little bit?

Absolutely, I’d be a damn liar if I told you it didn’t. This thing about me turning 30 is almost joke–I’m not a grown up. But it’s real, I want to get married for sure.

How do you juggle both, you’re so into your career and your really doing everything?

You find a man who finds a women that successful and driven is incredibly sexy.

He has to be okay with you making that much time for him.

No you do make time for him. That’s BS people that say you can’t make time. You make time for what you want to make time for.

Was it like that when you were with Rob, you both were really busy at the time?

His life was different it was school.

And you were still working?

I went on tour.

Did he come with you?


It just happened


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What’s next for you to conquer?

Go back into the studio, finish up the album with Ne-Yo. I know we spoke last time about my nail polish Fingertip Fetish. It’s so crazy it’s now being carried at the Bellagio, their spa carries it. I have my movie coming out, October 18th, that’s why I’m here. I have a movie coming out called I’m in Love With a Church Girl and it comes out this Friday.

And, you’re in a relationship now?

He’s absolutely amazing and cool but he’s nobody you guys would care for. He’s not a celebrity.

He’s obviously successful and driven.

He is.

What does he do?

Works behind the scenes.

How did you meet him, behind the scenes?

Mutual friends, no not working, mutual friends. We hung out in the same group of people and then became really good friends. He’s cute.

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