[VIDEO] Openly Gay College Student Alleges He Was Rejected by Kappa Alpha Psi Because of Sexuality

morgan state university student-rejected by kappa alpha psi-for being openly gay-the jasmine brand

Some pretty accusations are being hurled by a Morgan State University student, claiming that he was rejected by a fraternity because of his sexuality. The student’s name is Brian Stewart and at first glance, some would think that he would be a perfect fit for KAPPA ALPHA PSI. As an active member at the historically black college, his resume boasts of experience as a former intern for President Obama’s administration. So what’s the issue here? In an interview with Fox 45, he suggests that he was rejected because he is gay and found a series of messages, indicating this. He explained:

I feel hurt. Hurt in the sense that I’m still not good enough.

He continued:

If you don’t agree with how I life my life…that does not give you the right to cast negativity or derogatory slurs on what I do.

He received his denial letter on October 3 and filed a claim against the university and the fraternity. Morgan State University began investigating last week and issued this statement;

The University is aware of the complaint filed. The university has launched an investigation to find facts.

Check out the full clip below.

What are your thoughts on his accusations? And should Kappa have the ability to select or deny potential members based on sexuality?