[VIDEO] Tyra Banks Accuses Drake of Dry Snitching About Their Secret Date: ‘I have words for your!’

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Color us surprised when Drake revealed that he went on a secret date with Tyra Banks. Earlier this year, [in an interview with radio personality Angie Martinez] 26-year-old rapper admitted that the pair went on a date to Disneyland in disguises. We aren’t sure if the pair went on another date, but Banks isn’t to happy about his revelation.

tyra banks-drake-disneyland-the jasmine brand

This week, on the Steve Harvey show she explained (and rapped) about the experience saying,

First of all watching Ellen and I’m like I can’t believe and my phone is hitting up and my social media, my Twitter, my Instagram people are like ‘oohh girl you went to Disneyland, what’d you wear?’ Like people are going crazy and I’m like it’s not fair. And Drake I have words for you, Imma freestyle, I can rap

She says:

Drake rhymes with snake but no he ain’t

He’s more like a lion

Going on Ellen but no lying

Tell the truth, whats up dude about the day on Disneyland

You ain’t my man right now

Why you gotta kiss and tell but chill and tell

You going to jail

Peep the clip

Don’t quit your day job, Tyra LOL!

[Steve Harvey Show, Instagram]


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta