[VIDEO] Rick Ross Talks Relationship With Ex-Girlfriend, Why He’s Losing Weight + Winning A $1Million Bet From Diddy

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Gearing up to release his new album, this week, Rick Ross (real name William Leonard Roberts II ) stopped by Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club’. During the interview, Ross discussed his relationship with media personalities Jimmy Kimmel and Harvey Levin (of TMZ), his recent weight loss, his relationship status (he and designer Shateria Moragne-el are no longer an ‘item’) and what’s next for MMG. Peep the excerpts below.
On his upcoming album ‘Mastermind’: 
My sixth studio album, this will be the biggest impactful album I released. Its just the music that’s coming together… This one right here is definitely a masterpiece.
On if his artists contracts are lucrative for them: 
They are eating. My number one rule of business is if its not mine i don’t want it. If it is mine, I want every penny of it. You understand,  if you play by those rules, play by those rules and get money by those rules, you’ll get money forever.
On his relationship with Jimmy Kimmel: 
We not afraid at all to burn no bridges. But i felt like it can go both ways, Jimmy Kimmel know he a cool dude, he showed me love before, and you know it wasn’t anything personal I was just personal i was just popping my sh*t. It was the 4th time i heard the, ‘what do you think about the jokes on?’ well I got some jokes too M********  and at the end of the day he the homey and I’ma shut  jimmy kimmel show down for Mastermind.”
On his relationship with TMZ’s Harvey Levin: 
His name is Harvest. No I haven’t met Harvest yet…. A lot of times what ya’ll have to keep in mind is that they show ya’ll what they want to show ya’ll. I done seen things happen like ‘Oh they ain’t put that in there huh?’. That’s how the game go. I’ma just call you Clevis, grab you by the back of you  neck and film my sneakers or my watch.
On his weight loss and routine:
I’m not gonna say [i lose] a lot but i been going in. I been working out. It ain’t  nothing crazy, but i just started this Reebox cross-fitness workout, like if you just do 7 minutes of this..everything else you been doing, you really just been wasting your time because its constant movement.
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On his current relationship status :
I’m single baby, I was single but that was the homey (Shateria), I show love.
On his favorite moment in his career: 
At the end of the day as an artist, your first album can be successful but your not really in power until you’ve released another successful body of work and that what was my focus was on going into my 2nd album. I wanted to make sure that 2nd album was just as good or better than my first and I felt like that solidified my spot in the game.
His favorite place to visit: 
I’m pretty sure it’ll be the simplest spots like St.Thomas and even though its common and close; Jamaica. Me traveling, its all about the food. All them big pretty places you go too its horrible food for a fat boy. But when i go to Jamaica, I got the curry chicken, ox tails that fish so you know that’s what I be loving.”
On receiving scripts for movie roles:
I have been getting a few offers but I’m going to make a big announcement as far as the film that we are producing. We actually just closed the situation I wanted to make sure everything was on point. Well be handling the soundtrack as well as producing the film so this is going to be my first.
 On whether or not Puff gave him his $1 million:
Yea, shout out to the homie, (check or wire) that’s wired gang.You gotta declare everything on your taxes. And French gave me my 40 In Dubai for our basketball game.
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 On Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Control’ verse and how other rappers (like 50 Cent and Drake) responded and reacted:
I never really felt that personally..I done dealt with real things and real life so when you see that, I call it buffoonery. I was enjoying it too, I can have fun too with it. At the end of the day I felt like I had nothing to lose. I was like it’s a bad decision for homey to make. You gotta do your homework before you know whats going on. At the end of the Day its how you feel personally if K. Dot is coming at you, I haven’t really looked at the situation close enough to see if he was coming at drake that might have went over my head, but at the end of the day, when you looking at the business perspective; Its dudes making moves that we wont remember in 30 days .. Its so many dudes on the covers on magazines you haven’t even heard their name. So if they falling in that class, we don’t even waste our time on them. But if its somebody else we gotta make sure they understand who we are we can fix that. That go for anybody in the rap game. We got the strongest clique in the rap game.”

Peep the entire interview below.

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta