Rumor Control: Mona Scott Young Denies Firing Yandy Smith & Mandeecees

The rumors, speculation and buzz about the third season of Mona Scott-Young’s ‘Love & Hip Hop’ (NY) are running at a rampant pace. Earlier today, we caught wind of a rumor suggesting that because of some negative legal press both Yandy Smith and (her boyfriend/baby-daddy)  Mandeeceess Harris’ were being dropped from the VH1 show. Tattle Tailzz reported:

34-year-old Mandeeceess Harris’ upcoming trial over charges he sexually assaulted a minor , has led Mona Scott the producers of Love & Hip Hop to drop  both Yandy and Mandeecees  from the cast. Sources say their decision stems from fear of possible heat they may generate over their lack of background checks of their cast. That’s why we’re told producers of the VH1 reality showwere previously busy editing out the ousted pair from their most recently broadcast episode.

Is there any truth to this? According to the show’s producer, Mona Scott-Young, absolutely false. On twitter, she responded to the story, saying:

~Not true at all..

And in more pleasant news, Yandy and Mandeeceess’ son, Omere, turned six months this week. CUTE!!!!

And in totally, non-related news, we caught Terrence J. & Tedd Danson, behind the scenes of CBS’, The Talk. Very dapper, gentlemen.