Beehive Starts a Petition for Beyonce Not to Attend Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

Quiara Nicole: 

Beyoncé has better things to do like slay the stage and be the queen that she is. I think this is hilarious and that is mainly the reason why I’m signing this, but if Motha Bey wants to go to the damn wedding, let her go. She is a grown woman and please let her walk into that wedding with a vengeance to slay everyone in the bridal party and in the room.

Katrina Honeycott

The Kardashians are nothing but fame whores who live on blood money and porn money. There is no talent and they promote themselves as role models. They are not role models. They are what we shouldn’t be in this life. Beyonce has talent and so far is a good role model. She shouldn’t be drawn into the Keeping Up With The Kardashians circus. The last marriage was a joke and sham. She needs to stay away

Jared Bednarczyk

You have got to be fucking kidding me. This is hilarious. Ohmyfuck. I want this to be a thing. Halp.

Denzil Williams

Because Kim is a skanky Whore! Queen B shouldnt lower herself to attending a prostitutes wedding!

Bianca Epps

KK is will lowers standards on a moral level and a creative level. if you go to her wedding, you will be known as Ray J’s sex buddy friend and not a talented singer

Allysa Russell

I dont care really if Bey goes but i dont think Kim should be getting married in the first place needs as least support as possible and Bey & Jay are way to classy and way above Kim k and her nonsense

Ihsan Ibrahim

It isnt, just supporting my beyhive fambam! Besides, i’d love her to go and support kanye. It’s sad he’s marrying kim tho.

Micah James

Kim has the herps. The king shalt not be associated with diseased whales.

Jamarcus Henderson


Diana Ramos

Beyonce and and Jay Z are way to classy to attend a wedding that is only going to last for a few weeks. Marriage is when two people are in love with each other not for ratings or money or simply because you are bored and don’t know what else to do with your money!

Ada Rodriguez

I dont want Beyonce to get forced to go to Kim Kardashians weding nobody likes Kim she a plastic doll we are all tired of her foreal!!!!

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta