Cookie Johnson Says She Already Knew Son E.J. Was Gay Before Him Came Out: ‘It wasn’t a big deal.’

Cookie Johnson Says She Knew EJ Was Gay Before He Came Out-The Jasmine Brand

Since he ‘came out’ to the public, both Cookie and Magic Johnson have lent their unwavering support to their son, E.J. Earlier this year, the 20-year-old confirmed that he was gay and since his big announcement of sorts, his parents have continued to speak publicly about how they accept and love him unconditionally. Recently, Cookie told Huffington Post Live,

 We had already dealt with it years ago, so for us it wasn’t a big deal. For it to be public is fine because he is gay and its okay. We’re not trying to hide and he never tried to hide it. When he was a little boy a mother kinda knows these things. And we grew and when finally he was at the teenage age, we had the conversation with him and he said yes. To me the most important thing, is to let them know that you love them and make sure to let them know that you’re okay with them and you’re gonna support them no matter what. These kids need that kind of support, they don’t want to be ostracized especially at home with their own families…and why should they be? So it was important for us to make sure that he knew…that we loved him and we supported him 100 percent. Because of that I think he had the confidence to be who he was.

Last month, Magic Johnson visited the Arsenio Hall Show, singing similar praises about E.J. He told his good friend:

The blessing is he came out, about a couple months ago and announced to the world that he’s gay and I just love how the world supported him….And cookie and I love him to death and it was interesting…you love your son, you love your kids and you want the best for them. And I was really concerned that he was going to be okay. And Arsenio, four or five TV stations have called. They wanna build shows around him. And he’s getting all this incredible support..And I wanna thank everybody because you know it was tough for him because he has to make that decision that he wanted to share with the world.

Magic Johnson's son E.J. Johnson and boyfriend film a segment of their new reality show "Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills" at Coldwater park in Beverly Hills, CA

And if you’re at all fascinated by the fashion forward guy (who has a mean hand-bag game), you’ll be able to catch him on a TV near you. During a recent episode of ‘Fashion Police’, he explained,

I’m working on something with E! right now. You’ll see me doing the absolute most with all my crazy friends….and stuff like that so…. so I’m definitely coming up in the entertainment world….Definitely a talk show down the line, is my ultimate goal and you know dabbling in fashion and entertainment…

No word on when the show airs. [HuffPo]

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