[AUDIO] Love & Hip Hop’s Erica Mena Explains Why Being In A Lesbian Relationship Is Easier + New Beef With K. Michelle ‘She’s Full Of Her Own Sh**!’

The spicy firecracker aka Erica Mena is back on Love and Hip Hop NY and is whole new person…sort of. Since she was first featured as an additional character midway in the season she’s evolved into a vital and fan favorite to the essence of the shows chemistry. “I’m built for the craziness” the reality star says as she touches being able to handle all the drama and last every season. This new season of LHHNY, Mena is playing the same side with the ladies but hasn’t soften up in regards to the disrespect. This week, Erica called into DJ Yasmin Young (@AllThatYaz) to discuss everything new—this season, her girl, and her new beefs. Check out parts of the interview below.

@AllThatYaz: Here you are, you’re like the star of the show, how does that feel?

I’m going to be honest with you, as crazy as you think I am it’s still not kind of easy for me to deal with everything that come with it but I’m built for the craziness, it’s definitely good to know I lasted this long. I’ve noticed, not to toot my own horn but everybody that’s gotten into a fight with me is no longer here. I feel like I have the power to kill people off one by one.

@AllThatYaz: You are known to keep a bad b on ya side, are you dating a woman or man at this moment?

I’m in Santana world and I love it here. It’s definitely been a good one and I’m happy, she’s that good crazy that helps balance me out. It’s good crazy because she’s fun, vibrant, spontaneous, and it’s lightweight with her. But at the same time she kind of gives me structure and a piece of mind and it’s a good feeling to have that with anybody let alone your partner.

Erica Mena Kissing Santana

@AllThatYaz: Do you feel that women understand you and give you that love more so then like a man?

I’m going to be honest with you, with women it is complicated because we are, but I don’t have to deal with the spitefulness. The thing with Rich last year because his pride, his mom in his ear, dirty seafood in his ear it became too much. With women we’re kind of set in our own ways, granted we take advice from our friends but ultimately we do what we’re going to do and we don’t care what people think if we love someone we’re going to show them love. Men, they’re spiteful, they got to think like this, they got to move like this, it’s just not complicated like that.

@AllThatYaz: So they added another firecracker to the show, how is it having her on the show and working with her. 

I’m going to be honest with you, she has a lot to say about me but scared to shoot with me so I haven’t really had the pleasure of going face to face with her. That’s the part that’s really be funny because she’s coming out of nowhere because I guess she got kicked out of Atlanta. Now all of a sudden she has some harsh words about me and doesn’t even know me but she won’t shoot with me. I think right now she’s full of her own sh*t, excuse my language.

I would pay to watch a celebrity death match with you and K. Michelle?

In the concrete jungle there’s definitely no southern hospitality so it would be a good one

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Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta