Personal Post: #GiveThanks

happy thanksgiving-from the jasmine brand

If I could share a thank you note (with you’ll) everyday, I would. Today, is the perfect excuse. It’s Thanksgiving. The ideal day to tell everyone you cherish, just how thankful you are. I’d just like to take a moment to thank you, TJB readers, for being my virtual friends and sharing a part of your life with my team and I. Each day, you visit the site (reading about your favorite or not-so-favorite celeb) and are the reason why I’m allowed to pursue my passion.

Holidays, such as Thanksgiving, remind me how important life, family and dreams are. So in between breaking bread w/ your loved ones, I just wanted you (yes, you) to know how I appreciate you. We’ve never met personally, but when u click (especially those of you who leave comments), I feel like we’ve connected in some small way.

Save me a plate and I thank you from the bottom of my heart (and fingertips).

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P.S. Holidays make me ’emo’; judge me.

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