Kelly Rowland Visits Arsenio Hall, Responds to Engagement Reports: ‘I believe in Black Love.’

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Arsenio Hall certainly tried, but Kelly Rowland politely refused to share much about her personal life, along with rumors that she’s engaged to her manager Tim Witherspoon. This week, Rowland visited Arsenio Hall and as expected he asked about the engagement rumors and mentioned that he actually saw Witherspoon behind-the-scenes. Keeping her composure, she responded:

That’s my best friend…

When prodded further, she said:

You know what I will say? I am VERY happy. And I believe in black love, man.

However, she wouldn’t confirm whether or not she was wearing an engagement ring telling Hall:

Oh God, you stop it now…You know how private I am.

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The two also chatted about her being called the ‘Most flawless human of 2013’. One of my favorite parts of the interview is her sharing her perspective on the title and how she came to terms with the fact that her path is her very own (and won’t look like her sister Beyonce’s).

I think it’s really important to know, that we are not perfect as human beings and you have to grow…you can’t just stay in one space…your whole life and you also as a woman can’t expect to be on somebody else’s level and don’t allow other people to put you on somebody else’s level…and look at somebody else has thinking ‘Oh, I want that.’ You should want your own path. I don’t want my sister’s path…I don’t want nobody else’s path. I want my own so…But it took me a long time to figure that out but the rest of the world is telling me something and I’m like, ‘Umm’. I had to figure it out on my own. I like my path. I got a damn good path. God knows what he’s doing.

Check out the clips below.

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