[WATCH] Beyonce Drops ‘Yonce’ Video Starring Chanel Iman, Jourdan Dunn and Joan Smalls

Jourdan-Dunn-Chanel-Iman-Joan-Smalls-Beyonce-Yonce-Video-7-The Jasmine Brand

In case you haven’t seen the videos for the platinum ‘Beyonce’ album, you’re in luck. In the two minute video directed by Ricky Saiz, three popular Victoria’s Secret supermodels, Chanel Iman (23), Jourdan Dunn (23) and Joan Smalls (25) are featured with Beyonce. The scantily clad beauties share the spotlight with Bey exuding their modeling A-game as they served as girlfriends and visual eye candy while singing the lyrics, ‘Yonce all on his mouth like liquor.’ Peep pics and the video below.

Jourdan-Dunn-Chanel-Iman-Joan-Smalls-Beyonce-Yonce-Video-8-The Jasmine Brand

Jourdan-Dunn-Chanel-Iman-Joan-Smalls-Beyonce-Yonce-Video-The Jasmine Brand

Jourdan-Dunn-Chanel-Iman-Joan-Smalls-Beyonce-Yonce-Video-2-The Jasmine Brand

Jourdan-Dunn-Chanel-Iman-Joan-Smalls-Beyonce-Yonce-Video-3-The Jasmine Brand

Jourdan-Dunn-Chanel-Iman-Joan-Smalls-Beyonce-Yonce-Video-4-The Jasmine Brand

Jourdan-Dunn-Chanel-Iman-Joan-Smalls-Beyonce-Yonce-Video-6-The Jasmine Brand

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