[VIDEO] Kanye West Tells Grammys ‘F**K You For Christmas’, Vows To Only Speak Positivity In 2014

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Kanye West is ending 2013 with a bang, providing concert-goers with one final thought. Some suggest it’s a typical ‘rant’, while the Chicago native rapper calls it a ‘stream of consciousness‘. ‘Ye ended his Yeezus Tour in Toronto, with a 27-minute wrap-up of his thoughts. The rant, that incorporated a bit of auto-tune, covered his disappointment with being snubbed by the Grammys, defending artists from being slammed by bloggers and the internet, Sway Calloway’s lack of answers and how he’s going to remain mum on giving his controversial two cents in 2014. He began by referring to himself as that one embarrassing family member that always says the wrong thing at family functions:

I am your crazy a** cousin that turns up at Reunions…but you need somebody like that in your family all the time…But now I’m feeling quite clear…It’s two type of people in this world…there’s dreamers and haters…Haters gave up on they dream….
He also sounded off on the Grammys, for only receiving two nominations.
The Grammys, they nominated me for two…for Yeezus, the most highly reviewed album of the muthaf*ckin year..
Adding an auto-tune flare to his verbal jags, he sang:
F*ck You. F*ck you and I hope you get to listen…F*ck you for Christmas..F*ck you for Christmas and all of the wise men came to the …
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He continued:

You rent the Staples Center for one night and give some godd**n awards away! F*ck you … F*ck you for Christmas. I’m gonna wrap this f*ck you real tight and deliver it to the Grammys on Christmas night.

The evening also included his frustration with how the media and bloggers constantly attack artists on the internet.

To teachers, to solidiers, what I’m saying is when the f*ck was it okay to just take a musician and try to diss ’em all day on the internet? What do you mean, we provide a service for the world….It was always our dream to make some cold sh*t that y’all dance to…so why the f*ck [when] you go to the internet it’s somebody bringing up some bullsh*t. We make this sh*t because we love this sh*t and because we love y’all….Talk sh*t about Beyonce, talk sh*t about Rihanna…it’s too much of it….What if there was no music? We provide a service to the world. Beyonce just brought y’all Christmas early.

‘Ye ended his thoughts by announcing that he’s taking a moment, for at least six months, to not ‘turn-up’. He even vowed that in 2014, he’d no longer speak negatively about people and corporations:

All of the ideas that I express…save those tapes and everything…I’ve decided to completely focus everything in 2014 all the new ideas…I’m not ‘finna ever bring up Nike again…I actually appreciate the opportunity…I’ll never bring up the Grammys again in the negative light because I actually appreciate the 21 Grammys that I do have…This is the last Yeezus show you’ll ever hear me say something negative a bout anyone….You only get the energy that you put out into the world…We all feel that type of furstaration, but now I wanna be experssive with my work, my music…And just go home to my family

He joked:

Sway isn’t the only one that didn’t have all the answers…

Peep Kanye’s final rant of 2013. The good stuff starts at the 11:00 mark.