Guess Who My Famous Daddy Is!

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Guess who my famous daddy is!

Ladies and gents, this gorgeous chica is Corrine Bishop, daughter of actor/singer Jamie Foxx (real name Eric Marlon Bishop). At 20 years young, the public has watched her blossom while accompanying her father on red carpets and award shows. The daddy-daughter duo have a close relationship, although Jamie and her mother ended their romantic relationship years ago.

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Jamie also has a second daughter, Annalise, born August 2009. There are conflicting reports as to whether he and Annalise’s mother are still an item. The 46-year-old Texas-bred native is UBER secretive about his love life. During Oprah’s Next Chapter interview he confirmed that it’s highly unlikely that he’ll reveal much about his private life, let alone commit.

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I’m a loving person, but I don’t know if I can. I’m a Sagittarius – we are committed to not being committed. It’s why I don’t tell people who my daughters’ moms are: I can be in a monogamous relationship, but my motto is, whoever you date, don’t let people know.

He added,

I first had my heart broken when I was a teenager, about 17 or 18. Until then, I always wanted to be married. With two kids, a station wagon, the whole thing. But just when you start falling for somebody, and it all goes bad … That feeling, it’s like post-traumatic stress. A lot of my friends have been married, for say, five years, before it breaks down. I’ve seen how they become enemies, and if there are kids involved, it gets even more painful. I don’t want that.

Anywho, whatever his relationship status is, it doesn’t seem to hinder his relationships with his daughters. Check out a few photos of Jamie’s offspring.

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