[VIDEO] Faith Evans Hints Public May Never Find Notorious B.I.G.’s Murder, Blames LAPD

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The chances of the public ever finding out who was responsible for the death of late rapper Notorious B.I.G. (real name Christopher Wallace), seems to be even slimmer these days. Recently, Faith Evans, soul singer and former wife of Biggie, gave an update on his case during her Arsenio Hall Show appearance.

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The former Bad Boy recording artist said that the family stopped investing money into the investigation because the Los Angeles Police Department doesn’t seem to be interested in solving the case. She explained:

We just basically stop spending our money on hope that the LAPD would do their part. So it’s not closed it its a matter of if they want to do the right thing because we in our hearts kinda feel like we know what happened and we believe that they know what happened.

She added:

You know we’ll probably be like the biggest case in the city history so I don’t think they feel too good about possibly writing a check that big but for us its not about that ,we’ve spent millions of dollars on lawyers fees, we’ve never got anything from it. It’s more about trying to do whats right for his family, his loved ones and his kids…We’ve definitely gotten to a point where we realized that its very possible that mot not ever happen and thats really sad.

The infamous March 1997 murder of Notorious B.I.G. has remained an unsolved murder case for now, almost 20 years is still a mystery. At the climax of the Brooklyn bred rappers’ career, he was fatally shot on March 9 in Los Angeles. Since then, the LAPD has received criticism for how they’ve handled the case. Since his death, there has been lots of speculation and conspiracy theories. Check out Faith’s full interview and performance.

This year, Faith plans to release her 8th studio album Incomparable featuring contributions from Missy Elliott, Jazmine Sullivan, and Karen Clark-Sheard. There are no plans for her to return to TV One reality show, R&B Divas.

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