R&B Divas LA’s Leela James Explains Fall-Out With Chante Moore

Leela James, Chante Moore

Leela James, Chante Moore

Season three of R&B Divas LA has been FULL of both drama and entertainment. If you’re an avid viewer of the hit TV One show, you witnessed the fall-out between cast member Chante Moore and a few of her cast mates. One in particular boiling beef included Chante and her Divas colleague, Leela James. On the finale episode, fans and critics saw a different side of Leela when the two got into a yelling match of their charity song.

In her TV One blog post, Leela explains what took her over the edge with Chante:

First and foremost, no she hadn’t been participating. She also asked to receive a percentage of the proceeds of the charity project, which was not going to happen. It wasn’t about, oh we’re a bunch of girls, everyone is being mean to her and don’t want her on the song. No. She asked to be petty. Who gets paid for a charity project? We just didn’t want to risk that presenting any problems. At the end of the day it wasn’t about me. It’s about the greater good. Anybody standing in the way of that, they need to go. Just like Harriet Tubman said, “If you ain’t trying to leave the plantation, then you stay.”


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta